Classroom App

Live behavioural reporting – as it happens.

Real Time Observations

Update live in the classroom. Capture actions in real time.

Snap to the side of the whiteboard

No interruption of lesson structure. Always visible – Should you desire.

Desktop Based

Teachers can mark the actions as beneficial or detrimental to the classroom or school environment.

Record behavioural incidents in the classroom – in real time.

You no longer need to wait to register behavioural reports. Catalogue incidents as they take place.

Positive and Negative records

Reward behavioural actions that benefit the classroom, or take note of anti-social behaviour to alert other teachers and parents.

Show or hide on the interactive whiteboard

Conceal or showcase the reports to the assembled class. Compare how each pupil’s behaviour measures at a quick glance.

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Easy to use.

Snap to the side of your screen.

Easy to use and locate. Open the app and it automatically snaps to the right or the left of your screen. Leaving your screen space for education resources.

Instant, Quick and Responsive.

Update behaviour on the fly – no waiting around.

Launch straight from the Desktop

No having to find a website – just login and you’re ready to go.

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