Alternative Provision Attendance

A simple and easy-to-use, cloud-based attendance system

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Manage your Alternative Provision cohort’s attendance online!

A simple and easy-to-use attendance system for Authorities, Providers and Schools.

Alternative Provision Attendance is an online system to help you manage your alternative provision cohort’s attendance.

Allow all key stakeholders instant access to attendance. No need to pick up the phone.

Ensure that you meet safeguarding responsibilities.

No more calling around

  • Record attendance live online
  • See attendance immediately
  • Share comments with attendance marks
  • View attendance on any date, current year and previous years

Cloud-based attendance

  • Set alternative provision timetables
  • Include additional alerts, comments, demographics and medical needs
  • Include contact details
  • Assign key workers
  • Allocate EWOs

Reporting and Analytics

  • Pupils’ complete attendance history, including multiple providers
  • Attendance by provider for individual or group of schools
  • Changes in provision


  • A central hub for all pupils placed in provision, giving you instant access to all attendance.
  • The functionality for you or your schools to request referrals with the option to use flexible timetables.
  • A suite of comprehensive reports for allowing quick and detailed analysis of your attendance data.
  • Manage your SEND past standard school ages. 

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  • Immediate access to attendance for your authorities and schools.
  • Create attendance reports at the touch of a button.
  • Easily amend referrals and placements.
  • Create and assess targets.
  • Oversee and monitor your tutors and settings.


  • Receive instant attendance updates from pupils placed in provision or placement.
  • Notifications on changes to pupils.
  • Easily manage and amend referrals.
  • Set targets as part of your placements.
  • Comprehensive overview of your alternative provision cohort.

Do you like what you're reading?

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New Features in Alternative Provision Attendance!

Features that are live for you to use right now.

Each of these features comes highly requested by the Local Authorities, Providers and Schools who use Alternative Provision Attendance on a daily.

  • Flexible timetables
  • Lessons and Tutors
  • Tracking Pupils not on placement
  • External API
  • Full Auditing including view log
  • Dashboards
  • Term Dates
  • Seamless messaging between Authorities, Providers and Schools
  • Custom Forms
  • Mobile App
  • Custom pupil groups
  • Sensitive Information
  • Compliance
  • School information cards
  • Tutor cards
  • Event subscriptions
  • Notification for N codes (event subscription)
  • Automated email notifications
  • Amending pathway history
  • Ticketing system for support
  • Costing and invoicing
  • MIS Integration
  • Integration with government’s register of authorised schools and providers.
  • Integration with other timetabling systems

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    Just some of the Local Authorities and Providers that use Alternative Provision Attendance

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    I think its great! Its pretty straight forward and effortless to use. I regularly offer support for those struggling to access or navigate the site and have recently received some additional training around setting up providers, users and young people. I feel very confident working my way around the system.
    I love the way it has the ability to show clear and accurate daily attendance at a glance for all CYP’s current under ICDS as well as attendance data which can easily be downloaded as and when needed.

    Support offered by Paddy Guest has been invaluable.

    Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) & Education Other Than At School (EOTAS)

    Nottinghamshire County Council

    Really easy to use, able to access information from previous weeks in one place and easy to see percentage attendance too.

    Venture Learning

    Great system – very easy to use – LOVE IT!

    First Class - Tailored Solutions for Young People