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Seamlessly link to your MIS

Overnight, everynight

Bespoke assessment

Your own summative and formative grades

Link formative to summative

Fully customisable



No child left behind

Identify gaps in learning

Easy to read and use widgets

In-depth Reports

Simply gather data at a click of a button

A large library of reports

Commission your own reports


Something for everyone




Special Schools

Your own objectives framework

Edit the National Curriculum

Add your own objectives

Add Development Matters


Flight Path

Assess at any time

Select your expected grade

Easily measure progress of individuals or groups of children

Powerful reporting

200+ reports

A large library of reports

Commission your own reports



Tracking across academies

Track and report on any group of pupils across the whole MAT


View MAT as whole unit

View individual academies and pupils


Additional Reports

Reports on the academy for:

Trust officers

School improvement personel


Share practices across academies

Set the curriculum

Formative Assessment

Customisable Frameworks

Create your own framework(s)

Take control of your ongoing assessments

Use multiple framework

Seamless Linking

Easily transition to summative

Setup own rules

Supports but doesn't replace teachers judgement


Ease of use

Simple block filler

Intuitive Interface

Create class groups

Assess on the go

Tablet friendly for in-class assessment

Simple upload of evidence

See pupils learning journeyu

Bespoke Reporting

Reports as you want them

We format reports that are useful to your school

Tell us what you want and we will make it happen

We build the report any time you want or need it

Face to face

We will meet to discuss your wants and needs

Add your own objectives

Add development matters


Designed for different audiences




Pupil progress meetings


Time Saving

No more hours or days spent getting it right

View reports in seconds

Everything you need at the click of the button

Parental Reporting


Linked seemlessly to DCPro pupil tracking

View attendance figures from your MIS data

Comment Banks

Create your own

Select or type your own comments into the parental reporting module



Use your own school template in DCPro

Tell us what you want it to look like and we will make it happen


Pre-printing approval mechanism

Save time with printing by pre-approving reports

What our users say

"DCPro is a very comprehensive package that is easy to use, gives me key information in seconds and ensures no child's progress is missed!"

Nicola Mclntyre

“DCPro provides us with a comprehensive range of data, presented in different formats, whcih has been adapted over several years. The prompt support from technical staff is a benefit, particularly the working knowledge of school systems which the directors have used to develop the online system.”

Margaret Yates
National Leader of Education

“Simple to use and intuitive web based tracking system, I can run all of the reports that I need at the touch of a button, The time that has been saved since moving across to DCPro has been significant”

Christian Malone
National Leader of Education

“DCPro gives our school instant access to a wealth of progress and attainment information in a variety of bespoke reports. It has helped our school to be committed to reducing the workload of teachers and enabled staff to use assessment more efficiently in terms of one place with many uses. Furthermore, we have always been impressed with the quick responsiveness of the team at Dcpro to create our reports and support with anything technical that may arise. ”

Karen Peters

"DCPro are unique in that unlike other providers of assessment tracking they have a thorough and detailed knowledge of the curriculum and the requirements of the new curriculum. Having this detailed understanding has enabled them to develop tracking systems specifically designed to meet a group of schools or an individual schools needs and requirements"

Dianne Mason
National Leader of Education

“We couldn’t live without DCPro! Why? The company offers a bespoke service to schools which has enabled us, with expertise, guidance and support, to develop our own tracking and assessment system. We are now able to produce our own data reports at the ‘touch of a button’ – what took hours in the past, can now be done in seconds. Priceless!”

Sarah Thursfield

"In the ever changing world of assessment you need a system that will benefit all stakeholders and has the ability to adapt to systems in place. DCPro fulfils all of this criteria and more. It has enabled me to empower teachers to fully analyse children’s assessment without taking time away from teaching. Pupil progress meetings are quick, simple and teachers have already implemented interventions for children who are struggling before SLT get to have the conversation. Governor’s reports generated at the touch of a button and reports for other stakeholders created with the same ease."

Karen Hammond
Different Class Solutions Ltd
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Keele, ST5 5NS
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