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“We have been working with DCPro over the last three years to support our implementation and development of our assessment processes, in line with the Curriculum for Wales and supporting learner progression. DCPro supports us in the capturing and  analysis of  progress over time  of individuals, groups and cohorts. As DCPro is bespoke to each individual context, we have been able to tailor the system to what we need for our assessment processes. The tool is intuitive and simple to use and the support of the DCPro team ensures that we are able to continually develop and refine the system for our particular needs and context.”

Ruth Foster

Headteacher / Pennaeth, Evenlode Primary School / Ysgol Gynradd Evenlode

“I just wanted to let you know that as a Trust we have been absolutely delighted with the support and ongoing guidance we have received from Ricky whilst setting up DCPro across our Trust. His responsiveness and ongoing personal dialogue really made your product stand out for us, right from the first demo he did.

I have completed progress boards in all our Primaries over the last 2 week and all the Principals and Assessment Leads have commented on how glad they are that we selected DCPro as our assessment product and how much Ricky’s support has been valued by all.


I realise you have a larger team making your product what it is but Ricky’s customer service and understanding of Primary education has really shone through for all of us and really has been appreciate by us.”

Rebecca Bierton

Primary Director , Ormiston Academies Trust

“I would like to thank you for your support with the few technical issues we have had. Your responses have always been quick and you seem to be able to solve everything without fuss…

I think the system is smart and professional and the hard work we’ve put in to getting these done will have been well worth it.

The autumn term and spring reports should be very straightforward!”

Rachel Priestwood

Vice Principal, Wainstalls School

“Yet again, a fantastic level of support from Different Class Solutions Limited over the last 2 days. As always a swift response and instant actions to support us. After contacting Ricky, he soon directed our work flow to Tom who has swiftly made our End of Term reports live.

Any schools looking for an easy report writing tool, contact Different Class. They have taken our format, made the programme work its magic to input all of the data etc and all we do is write our comments. Termly reports take less than 5 minutes per child.

A pleasure working with you guys as always. Thanks also to Mark.”

Kathryn James

Deputy Headteacher, Ball Green Primary School

“Venturers Trust are a MAT based in Bristol and we use DCPro across our 6 primaries and are looking to expand this into our special school for children aged 3-16 with ASD. We have been working with DCpro for nearly 2 years and find the system very user friendly and easy to use. Both teachers and leaders like the ease of inputting data and simplicity of using it for scrutiny purposes.

We have been able to adapt the data recording system so it fits our needs – this has included adding specific data drops, intervention and assessments results, SEND and EAL specific data. All of this has enabled us to keep accurate records/ measures of progress for all of our pupils/ key groups.

Recently we have added the behaviour recording system which again we have adapted to fit our schools systems and we are working with the team around provision mapping. We really like that this system has the potential to have everything in one place rather than buying several different packages.

The DCPro development team are a joy to work with – they are solution focused, helpful and human! Nothing is too much trouble and they are keen that their product meets your requirements. The training and support is professional and well received – no question is deemed silly.

In a nutshell we highly recommend the product and can not fault the professionalism and approachability of the team (alongside their humour and can do attitude).”

Tracy Jones

Trust Inclusion Lead, Venturers Trust

“DC Pro has revolutionised the way our school has been able to track our children’s attainment and progress. It is completely bespoke, for the needs of the school. The staff at DC Pro are so accommodating to make sure that everything we need in our tracking is available. They have terrific customer support and are always available to take suggestions or answer questions. With their latest updates to behaviour tracker, it is now creating a one stop site for us to use for a range of purposes. I can’t say enough positive things about this company.”
Tim Upton

Deputy Head , Bincombe Valley Primary School

“In the ever changing world of assessment you need a system that will benefit all stakeholders and has the ability to adapt to systems in place. DCPro fulfils all of this criteria and more. It has enabled me to empower teachers to fully analyse children’s assessment without taking time away from teaching. Pupil progress meetings are quick, simple and teachers have already implemented interventions for children who are struggling before SLT get to have the conversation. Governor’s reports generated at the touch of a button and reports for other stakeholders created with the same ease.”

Karen Hammond


“Mark and his team at DCPro are extremely personable to work with, they respond quickly to queries and where support is needed they work hard to ensure that needs are met.  DCPro is a highly comprehensive tracking system that can be made bespoke for your organisation.  We have been very impressed with the data and reports that can be produced using the system (in fact we have probably only scratched the surface).

It is worth investing time with the DCPro Team to explore what options are available so that they can build a dashboard which suits your needs.  The work Mark and his team have done for us is very high quality and he is willing to explore any aspects of data reporting which are not already built into the system.  Really the system is only limited by what the MIS can capture and what you give DCPro access to.

 I am extremely confident in Mark and his team in terms of managing our data, this includes areas of confidentiality and GDPR where we have had no issues whatsoever.  I would highly recommend DCPro to you in terms of both the system capability and the professionalism and customer service of Mark and his team.”

Kerry Inscker

Director of People & Culture, Shaw Education Trust

“DCPro gives our school instant access to a wealth of progress and attainment information in a variety of bespoke reports. It has helped our school to be committed to reducing the workload of teachers and enabled staff to use assessment more efficiently in terms of one place with many uses. Furthermore, we have always been impressed with the quick responsiveness of the team at Dcpro to create our reports and support with anything technical that may arise. ”

Karen Peters


“Having been a Teaching School Lead for a consortium of Special Schools/AP (as well as Data Manager for a very long time),

I can truly appreciate the need for a centralised system to monitor, track and report performance. I see sound data as the evidence base for decision-making at the level of classroom, middle, senior and strategic leadership.

From my perspective, there are several distinct advantages of DCPro;

  1. a) Live data from school MIS is linked to the software.
  2. b) As Wave is an AP collective, the system is flexible and dynamic to enable bespoke tracking and reporting.
  3. c) The team at DCPro are really helpful and accessible – no waiting around for people to get back to you. Mark & I are probably in touch most days of the week and sometimes three or four times a day.

If you want a ‘perfect’ system that works “at the touch of a button” – I don’t think this would be suitable, nor do I think such a thing exists. It is a system (because it is bespoke and in constant development) that needs engagement. Set up at the outset is crucial. It needs someone with the technical skill to translate assessment policy into practice – in effect, someone with data experience and the ability to develop systems in partnership. Also, the primary side of DCPro is further down the road than secondary.”

Julie King

TRUST DATA MANAGER, Aspirations Academies

“We have worked with DCPro for over 2 years now. In that time we’ve gone through 2 grade changes as a trust due to merging with another trust and, multiple new schools joining. We tendered out to different companies to look at their data systems. What made us decide to work with DC Pro was based on 3 factors

  1. They promised us real people to work with, rather than automated messages and emails when we ran into issues. Other companies can be awful at this. It made every part of the job tougher. Dc Pro have delivered on this promise – I know each member of their small but growing team and they do effectively answer and deal with our issues in a timely manner.
  2. The flexibility of the system that is available to use: you really do have such a high degree of control over how you wish to display your data, change your grades, your assessment point etc. Its easy for teachers, but has the right level of data analysis for senior leaders.
  3. The ability to design bespoke reports – this can be a time consuming process (made more tricky due tot the pandemic) however, I have never regretted the outcome of the bespoke designing service. We have used this to create MAT wide class action plans that are responsible for saving teachers hours of time on data analysis.

Finally a fourth bonus, that we are only just starting to explore is the attendance and MAT level reporting. There’s so much that this system can do, and DC Pro really will work with you to develop it further. We were recently involved in a project to develop the behaviour part of Dc Pro – we were really happy with the outcome.”

Kate Masters

Lead Practitioner of School Improvement, Coastal Learning Partnership

“DCPro is a very comprehensive package that is easy to use, gives me key information in seconds and ensures no child’s progress is missed!”

Nicola Mclntyre


“Simple to use and intuitive web based tracking system, I can run all of the reports that I need at the touch of a button, The time that has been saved since moving across to DCPro has been significant”

Christian Malone

National Leader of Education

“We have worked with DCPro for over three years. Throughout this time, we have found the DCPro team to offer an outstanding level of service. Their understanding of data and systems is exceptional. In addition, and possibly even more importantly, the DCPro team is very values driven and customer focused, meaning they are always genuinely committed to supporting us with our work.


From an academy perspective, the ease of use of DCPRo, the vast range of reports, and the ability to personalise the system depending on individual and team requirements, has enabled data to be used far more proactively than had previously been the case. Of further significance, DCPro’s ability to generate bespoke reports and their willingness to engage with new suggestions and ideas have been excellent.


For the Trust as a whole, the team have worked closely with us to ensure Trust requirements can be achieved. For example, DCPro have generated pre-populated reports to support our quality assurance processes, reports to track academy and Trust level data against specified criteria, and have tailored Board reports to ensure manual data entry is avoided for Trust colleagues.


On the rare occasions that issues or problems have arisen, either at Trust or academy level regarding the use of the system, without exception, these have been dealt with professionally and in a very timely manner.


Overall, we have been very impressed by the quality of service offered by the DCPro team. Their customer care, approachability and technical expertise are of the highest order, and I would strongly recommend that they are considered by any academy or Trust seeking support with the development of their data management processes.”

Neil Spencelayh

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, L.E.A.D. Academy Trust

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