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Welcome to the support tools for the DCPro Assessment.

These tools explain how to carry out both everyday and more unusual tasks as well as how to deal with common issues.  The tools are split into sections with instructions for new users, help on the main tracking screens and reports as well as administration of the system. To start, choose a section from the Help page.



Check our online Hints & Tips videos and guides which answer the most frequently asked questions.

We offer telephone support between the hours of 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  If you wish to leave a message out of hours we will respond as soon as possible. Call 0333 0888 338

Alternatively, you can email us on

How do I sign up to DCPro and what is the process?

If you are interested in becoming a DCPro client we advise you to request a demo and we can answer any questions you may have.  There is an opportunity to discuss how you wish to set up your system and what you are wanting from DCPro.

Once you agree to progress with a subscription, we will forward your school’s contact details along with a staff contact name to Wonde – our data extraction partner.  Wonde will contact you directly to agree a date / time to connect to your MIS and commence the data extraction process. Over the following days we will monitor your data imports ensuring all data is being received.

Upon completion of the data import, we will contact you to finalise your assessment structure, create user accounts and commence importing historic data.  A convenient date / time for training will be agreed and delivered.


Is there a limit to the number of frameworks for a school set up?

DCPro is fully customisable and can be set up in line with your own school assessment system and enables you to track both summative and formative data for all pupils. Schools are able to set up as many subjects and/or frameworks as needed.

Finance – Invoicing

Invoices are emailed out on an annual basis from Quickbooks to your nominated email address.  Please note emails will be received from the following email address

How do I create a new staff member login?

There is a help video to guid you through the process of creating logins. You can also amend email addresses, usernames and access permission. Click the link below

Creating Logins




Finance – How can I make payment?

Once you receive your invoice by email you can either make payment via BACS or cheque. Account and payment address details are included on the invoice.

What does DCPro stand for?

It stands for Different Class Pupil Reporting Online.

What is included in my DCPro annual subscription?

You will receive annual access to DCPro Assessment (formative and summative) along with unlimited online, email and telephone support.  There will be daily data imports to ensure DCPro contains all information within your MIS.  You will also have access to numerous reports to allow you to produce data reports based on your requirements. In addition there are a number of modules which can be purchased to supplement your existing subscription.

How do I request MAT / Trust level access?

Please email with details of all schools you require access to, your contact details and a manager contact who can validate your access request.

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Useful Resources for DCPRO

Help Videos

We provide a selection of  short training videos that cover a wide range of general tasks.

Email Support

Our team listen, if you have an issue we will do everything in our power to resolve this. 

News & Updates

Pupil Premium Information

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September Procedures

If you need to contact us about any of the issues below (or anything else) please use this form and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. You will notice that your pupils are still in last year’s groups. Once you have rolled forwards your MIS,...

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