Parent App

Send data, documents, observations and reports directly to Parents of Pupils.

Stay in the Loop

A direct line from you to Parents & Guardians. Direct to their phone.

Stay Connected

Share up to date reports, observations and incidents in real time. As they’re published.

Track in Realtime

Send alerts and updates in real time.  Essential documents, attendance records and much more!

Give Parents the

Information They Need

Parents and Guardians never need to miss essential data ever again. Every report. Every observation. Every incident. Straight to their mobile device.

Observe and Report

Parents and Guardians can also post observations to show pupil development out of school hours.

Showcase Development

Document homework tasks, showcase a craft project or describe something amazing that the pupil has done!

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Mobile, Tablet

& Web Browser

Wherever the Parent or Guardian is. At home, in the supermarket or on the go – Check in and get the latest updates!

Keep on top of every report

Access documents as they arrive straight to their device.

Every observation. Every incident. All the development.

No more lost documents or papers going missing in transit. Parents can find out everything they need to know as the you publish the results.

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What does the app do?


Up to date, on the day tracking. Share attendance rates. If a pupil was on time, late or missed a lesson.


Share all classroom activity. As it happens.


Updates on what pupils have been up to at school, as well as their progress in relevant subjects.


Every incident recorded for posterity. Positive and Negative actions that have contributed to the classroom and school environment.


Gone are the days of a document travelling home with a pupil only to be lost, misplaced or damaged. All digital documents, policies, newsletters and forms delivered direct to a Guardians device.

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