Bespoke Reporting

Reports as you want them – Any time you need them.

Reports as you want them

• Reports are formatted to be useful to your school

• Need a custom report? The team will design a bespoke report that meets your needs.


Designed for different audiences

• Governors


• Ofsted

• Pupil progress meetings

• Parents

You tell us your needs

• Meet with the team – In person or via video call

• Add your own objectives

• Add development matters

Time Saving

• No more hours or days spent getting it right

• View reports in seconds

• Everything you need at the click of the button

Are You…

  • Spending hours, or even days, getting your data into tables and reports that are formatted in ways that are useful to your school/academy.
  • Your tracking solution contains all the data you want but does not produce simple reports that show exactly what is important to your school.
  • You struggle to display data appropriate to different audiences (Governors, Senior Leader Team, Trust/LA or Ofsted).
  • You have a presentation of data that works for your school but getting the data into the right boxes is a mammoth task.

Does this all sound too familiar?

If so, then you need our bespoke reporting service. DCPro is unique in that we offer a service whose only goal is to get the data EXACTLY how you want it.

We meet with you to discuss your wants and needs. We either ‘mock up’ a report or you give us ‘one you made earlier’. We build the report which is then available to you at any time you want or need it. It automatically updates on changes in data and is there, exactly how you want it, at the touch of a button.