DCPro Pupil Tracking Different Class Solutions

  • For Primaries

    1. Track pupil progress from Early Years to KS2
    2. Quickly identify slow moving pupils
    3. Designed by teachers & headteachers
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  • For Secondaries

    1. Track pupil progress through to A Level
    2. Show trends and patterns in groups of pupils
    3. Parental reporting module coming soon
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  • For All Schools

    1. Integrate with existing MIS systems
    2. Access through your web browser
    3. Ideal for Academies and Free Schools
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Welcome to DCPro

Welcome to DCPro

DCPro pupil tracker is unique, linking teacher assessments, targets, interventions and pastoral factors. Meets all the requirements of the new Ofsted framework. It is easy to highlight the progress made my individual pupils and groups, whilst keeping the whole school picture in mind. Pupil tracking has never been easier or more powerful.

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